Announcement of Week 16

1. Labour Day Arrangement

For Labour Day, the arrangement of the SEKO and Clevy warehouse is as shown below. Please prepare the goods in advance and arrange the delivery accordingly. Besides, these days will NOT be counted in the vendor lead time of dropshipping and postal orders.

NG/KE/ZA/ZZ: May 1st to 12th
Others: May 1st to 10th

(This arrangement applies to Global sellers based on Great China only)

2. Jumia Anniversary

Jumia is about to celebrate its annual anniversary. In order to increase the exposure of SKUs and improve the consumer experience, you can participate in this promotion in accordance with the activity guidelines as follows. 

Deadline for application: May 17, 2021(Local Time)

Category: all categories

Discount requirement: at least 25% off, each store declares up to 50 skus

Event start time: as shown below. (Click the link on each site to the specific page)



Event Date


June 14-27


June 28 - July 11


June 28 - July 11


June 21 - July 4


June 21 - July 4


June 21 - July 4


June 14-30


June 14-27

3. Serious behavior rule 

To maintain a good selling condition, JUMIA will deal with behaviors that seriously affect the customer's experience.
Behaviors such as:

A. Empty package
B. A note in the package (here refers to a note that contains the seller’s personal information, or asks for the customer's personal information);
C. The package contains abnormal items (such as soil, drugs, etc.);
D. Online descriptions contain insulting or sensitive content.

Once found, JUMIA will take the following measures.

If it is the first time, the shop would be delisted for a month. If you want to relist it, you need to submit an improvement plan and  Raise a claim one month later.

For the second time, the shop would be permanently delisted.
Thank you for your cooperation!

4. Legal warranty in Morocco

The legal warranty in Morocco which is granted by law to the consumers to protect them against hidden defects or any malfunction of the product is one (1) year from the date of delivery of the product.

Thus, customers may return the item within 1 year after delivery. JUMIA After-sale team will accept and process the return normally based on Morocco Law in the legal warranty period.

5. No change for the exchange rate of May

The exchange rate of May is the same as April. You may not need to update prices if they were updated last month.

6. Mobile phone usage tips

JUMIA found that customers complained and applied for returns about some mobile phones sold by Global sellers. They were mainly about charging and overheating. In order to improve customers’ awareness and satisfaction of the use of mobile phones. Please include the below instructions in pictures and descriptions. You can also kindly make adjustments.

Size Standard & Mobile usage Tips are provided as follows:

  • Please check the user manual on how to complete the original setting before using products

  • Please check the user manual on how to install Apps on my mobile before using the product

  • About Overheat

Your phone becoming warm is no reason to worry, they’re designed to work that way, but if it becomes unpleasantly hot, you probably have cause for concern.

  1. Separate your phone from heat. 

  2. Avoid overcharge and overusing your phone while charging. 

  3. Take your case off.

  4. Turn off unused apps and trim unneeded apps. 

  5. Avoid turning your screen brightness up. 

  6. Turn your phone to airplane mode. 

  • About Battery

  1. Battery size mostly determines how long your phone will go before hitting zero. 

  2. Stand-by time is the officially quoted longest time that a single battery charge will last when the phone is constantly connected to the GSM network but is NOT in active use.

  3. The very first step we recommend is to read the manual from your phone manufacturer to see if they have mentioned any special instructions for charging your phone the first time.

  4. Update your apps and clean house.

  5. Avoid overheating your phone. See “About Overheat”.

  6. Keep your phone away from coldness. Generally speaking, anything below 32 degrees is going to start sucking the life of your phone. 

  7. Check which apps are draining your battery.

  8. Avoid overcharge. The best way to maintain smartphone batteries is to keep your phone battery more than 40% charged.

  9. Get a certified or original charger - especially for fast-charging.

  10. Let your phone battery die once a month.

  11. Try to restart your phone or even factory reset. 

GVC is now open to everyone! Apply here

Please Raise A Claim if you have any questions.
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