---How to Use API ---

How to Use API-API Key

Log in Jumia Seller Center-Settings -Manage User

                    Or Log in Jumia Seller Center- Settings-Integration Management -API-API Explorer


                         General info on API usage
                          Each country has its own Seller center,This means each country has its own request URLs and own API
                          Key-depending on the user-when using the APIs
                          API URLs by country
 API Test

 Before implementing API you can have a look at the  API Explore of Seller Center,The API explorer is a simple UI interface
 which allows you to experiment with all the possible API methods available.The operations that you execute via API Explorer
 do affect your shop: you will be able to really create products,process orders,update stock or perform any other operation
that is available via API

    Ie: How do I get product create code  Using API

    Click Action and Choose ProductCreate-Click Execute- you can get the relevant code on Response,transfer the 
    code to your ERP


                                      Ps:  For more detail please click the link  API Functional Documentation