Counterfeit Rules

Consequences of violation

If a seller supplies counterfeited products, in violation this Policy and the law, Jumia shall delist the products from sales and apply the appropriate financial penalties, as provided by the Penalty Policy.

Jumia may also, in its discretion, take further corrective action, which may include, without limitation, the following:

Suspend or Terminate

suspending or terminating the seller’s shop on Jumia;


withholding payments to the seller;


destroying the stock without reimbursement to the seller and at the seller’s cost;


delivering the stock to the relevant law enforcement authority, without
reimbursement to the seller and at the seller’s cost; and/or

commencing legal action against the seller (the sale of counterfeit products may also lead to criminal prosecution).
How can you ensure that you do not list a counterfeit product?
It is the responsibility of each seller to responsibly source and sell authentic products only. 

Sellers can ensure that they do not list counterfeited products by purchasing and re-selling stock from authorized distributors only. Here is the LOGO Directory.

We encourage sellers to avail themselves of online resources available from premium brands for detecting, and reporting counterfeits.

If in doubt about the authenticity of your products, do not list them on Jumia, and contract the brand. 

If the product is delisted due to counterfeit, sellers can ask for exemption by providing the proof of authenticity.