---FBJ Shipping Notices---

1. apply for CO with air account or sea account.
2. Do not fill in the stock when you create product in your FBJ      account
3. Make sure the packing is in line with the CO,and not allow to    scattered the delivery, please re-apply CO again if your packing is different with the application CO.
4.Send the updated info to 3PL if there is any updated on CO.
5.Not allow to use Jumia as importer/consignee/notify party of bill of lading. Jumia warehouse has the right to refuse the parcel if      you do that.
6.Make sure the price is the same with the application.
7.Pack the same SKU in one box,not in different boxes.
8.Put the packing list in the box and send the electronic packing    list to 3PL.
9.Send the forecast email to warehouse contact team at least        before 48-96 hours,and    delivery to warehouse on time.
10.Do not change the FBJ SKU stock, raise a claim if there is big gap.
11.Buy the insurance for high value products.