---FBJ Shipping Notices---

1. Please do not fill in the quantity when creating a product in an overseas warehouse account. 

2. The application for CO must be operated in the corresponding air or sea overseas warehouse account according to the transportation method. After the CO of the air freight shop is approved, the delivery status update must be completed within 21 days; after the CO of the ocean freight shop is approved, the delivery status update must be completed within 45 days, otherwise the CO will be cancelled. 

3. When applying for CO, the number of SKUs must be <80, and the total number of products must be <5000. The variable is also a SKU. If a shoe has 5 size variables, it belongs to 5 SKUs. 

4. Please ensure that the actual SKU shipped is consistent with the approved one, including quantity, color, size, brand, etc. If there is any discrepancy, you must reapply for CO according to the correct SKU and quantity, otherwise the product will not be put on the shelf. 

5. The same CO should not be distributed in batches, and the same SKU should not be packaged in different boxes, and a paper packing list with correct data should be placed in the box, and the SKU list should be pasted outside the box. 

6. To make an appointment for delivery, you need to send an email to Jumia's overseas warehouse 48-96 hours in advance and deliver the warehouse at the agreed time. If you need to modify the delivery time, you must communicate 24 hours in advance. 

7. Please do not change the inventory of overseas warehouses by yourself. If you find that the data is wrong, please raise a claim in time. If an abnormal order appears due to the merchant's own change of inventory (such as a direct mail order issued by an overseas warehouse account), the merchant shall bear the responsibility and impact of canceling the order. 

8. Jumia is not the importer/consignee/notifying party of the bill of lading. If there is any violation, Jumia overseas warehouse will refuse to receive the goods.

After the Jumia overseas warehouse receives the order, it will be packaged and shipped by the Jumia overseas warehouse. After the product is in the warehouse, different storage fees will be charged according to the size of the product.