---Send Forecast Information to 3PL--

Step 1. Prepare the Packing List
  Packing List should correspond with the PO Number, If not, Seller should apply another PO 
  The data of packing list should be real, or warehouse will refuse to received these cargo.
  Packing list template:

      Click the link to download :FBJ Packing List

Step 2. Forward Forecast email to 3PL

a.Send the forecast information at least 1 day in advance, and the email should include the packing list with the delivery date
b. Live products please send MSDS report with the forecast email.
c. Email title: Jumia Sea+Destination country(NG/KE/IC...)+COD Store Name
d. when the  destination is  Ivory Coast,Please prepare the FDI document  in advance and send it  to the logistics provider one week before loading 
e.Jumia is not an importer/Bill of leading consignee/ notifier.Any Jumia information is forbidden on the BL.If there is a violation,Jumia Overseas warehouse will reject the goods and reserve the right to pursue the claim

Step 3. The Seller obtains S/O from the logistics provider and fill  in packing  list with S/O  and  prepare forpacking

Please download the attachment FDI文件样本