Manage Orders
Congratulations! You’ve got orders! 
Here is a basic intro about orders!

Order Status Introduction


Orders waiting to be operated

Ready to ship

Please Click Ready to ship first 
then print shipping label


Items are received and scanned by warehouse


  • Delivered: 
Items received by customers
  • Canceled:
Items canceled by customers
( They can cancel orders before shipped)
  • Delivery Failed:
Wrong address 
Package lost/stolen
  • Returned:
Rejected by customers

3 Shipping Ways

Universal Shipping Matrix & Pickup Station
Universal Shipping Matrix & Pickup Station

Click order number

The Leadtime to SHIPPED is 5 working days, which means packing up, delivering items to warehouse,scanning ... all of this should be accomplished within 5 working days.
And any package should weight less than 1.5KG.
What if I pack up but find out that the package from one order is overweight?
--Please ship items separately