Jumia 2022年春节放假安排通知




1. 请注意各仓库的暂停服务时间,提前做好备货以及物流调整,避免影响订单的配送以及处理。

2. 分拣中心春节期间不提供收货服务,不做入仓处理;深圳、杭州和广州29日与30日的截止收件时间为下午四点。

3. 客服团队(Vendor Support Center)放假时间为1月31号-2月6号,7号开始恢复服务。

4. 春节假期(1月31号~2月6号)不计入卖家发货时效。

5. 为了避免系统同步问题造成的出单而无法及时发货,请务必在您正式放假之前(至少提前两天)使您的假期模式生效。




注:若您没有根据提示设置店铺假期模式,且没有回应商户经理您春节假期是否开启假期模式,系统将默认设定您的假期模式从1月26日开始生效。如果您有任何疑问,请于Jumia平台 raise a claim。

The 2022 Spring Festival  Holiday Arrangements Announcement

Dear Jumia sellers:
As the Chinese New Year is approaching, please see the holiday arrangements of DS and Postal warehouses as below:

Kind reminder: 

1. Please pay attention to the out of service time of each warehouse, prepare the goods and logistics adjustments in advance to avoid affecting the delivery and processing of orders.

2. The sorting center will not provide receiving services during the Spring Festival, and will not do warehousing processing. The cut-off time of January 29th & 30th in Shenzhen、Guangzhou and Hangzhou will be 16:00

3. The Vendor Support Center will be on holiday from January 31st to February 6th, and the service will resume on the 7th.

4. The days of the Spring Festival holiday (January 31st - February 6th), will not be used in calculating the seller's delivery time.

5. If the store has a vacation plan, be sure to start the holiday mode in advance (at least two days). 

For example:Assuming that Store A officially goes on holiday on January 25, Store A should start the holiday mode on January 23, and the start date of the holiday should be set to January 23.

Setting steps are as following:

*Note:Sellers who have not responded to our request of sharing information regarding the period of holiday will be set on holiday mode on the 26th of January. If you have any question, please reach out to Jumia by raiseing a claim.