---Jumia Platform Regulation---


      Jumia Regulation

1. OOS
The delivery time in Jumia is 5 working days, it means the parcels need to be delivered to the shipment provider in 5  working days and be  scanned          successfully  (the status of the order will turn into shipped), If not, the order will be be automatically cancelled by system as OOS(Out of stock),and  the    seller will be charge a penalty of OOS.
2. Return
Jumia Platform implement a 15 day no-reasons return policy.The returned    based on the seller will be fined,The seller should follow the listing standard  and conduct strict quality control to avoid the product being returned due to the quality reasons.

3. Prohibit
Jumia Platform has the list of Import Prohibited Items (Click here) ,The seller  should refer to the full list of prohibited items before uploading the SKUs 

4.Fake Products
Jumia Platform prohibits the sales of Fake Products. Jumia will   regularly        check the SKU sold at each site.If we find the fake products,  first time, Jumia will  issue a warning letter to the seller,  on   the second, the seller will get penalty,  Please click here to learn more.
5.Bad Content
Jumia Platform will check the SKUs of each site for bad content, if such          products found, Jumia  will send a warning  letter and asked the seller to        revised it, if there is no modification, the store's traffic will be restricted,        Please click here to learn more.

        6.Prohibits to Hide any notes
       Jumia Platform prohibits to hide any notes that containing the seller's                    information in the parcel,if such behavior is found,  the store will be
       closed  for one month at the first time,  if  the same such behavior is found 
        again , the store will be closed  forever.

 PS:For Any seller who violate the rules of Jumia Platform, Jumia has the right to            close  their store