---Jumia Listing Standard---


1. Brand of the product,Please check  if your brand is in the brand list,if is, please raise

            a claim to submit  brand  authorization
2. Fill the brand name on Brand column when you upload your product, do not add your
    brand name on "Product Name"
3. If the brand is not already exist in database, please click "THE BRAND CREATION"and fill
    accordingly to request for brand . by the way, If you are selling product  without
     brand,   please use "Fashion"as fashion product,others please  use "Generic"
4.Electronic products, if the mobile phone or the tablet is set without a preset system, 
   the description of the product and the picture cannot contain the operation interface 
   after the installed system
 5.Color is forbidden to use as variant, Seller can use size or others variant

1. The first image for your product should be No watermarks and White background is
2. The first image will be the front image for your product
3. Mobile phone、tablet、smart phone etc,need display system
4. The description of the picture shown need to be consistent with the actual thing
    (including the color、quantity)
5. Image needs to be between 500x500~2000x2000 pixels,and maximum image size is 2MB 
6. Size chart is required for Fashion product

1.Can not the same with High-light
2.Can not insert off-site link
3.Description should be consistent with the actual product
4.Functional products require instructions
5.Size chart is required for Fashion product

1.Must be in bullet point
2 The key word of the product
3.More or equal than 4
4.Cannot be paragraph text

What's in the box:Short summary/list of the package content,which the customer gets

Jumia SKU banned word,please refer to the following(NOT allowed to use in all description )
*100% Brand New
*Brand New
*Free Shipping
*Key Feature

Fashion (size table): Jumia's special requirements for the Fashion category are as follows:

1. Models are forbidden to use dummy. If you use a model, you need to use a real person, and the real model can't display the whole face, only the parts below the nose.
2. The first picture of the picture needs to select the front picture of the product. The drawing    needs to add the multi-angle face of the product and a detailed picture. The detail picture needs  to clearly reflect the material of the product.
3. Requires uniform use of UK Sizes. If there is 
no UK size, you must attach a size comparison 
4. Requires the detailed size of the product       attached to the main picture (as shown on the   right), including the length of the garment, the length of the sleeve, the circumference of the     leg, etc. (attach the corresponding size table according to the category, the download page of    the size chart)

3G:UMTS 2100
4G:LTE 700(28)、LTE800(20)、LTE900(8)、LTE1800(3)、
1. Using the UK Type Plugs
2.The voltage requires 230 Volts and the electric                    frequency requires 50 Hertz
3.MSDS report is required when the product with                 batteries, please send it and the forecast information
    to the shipping provide.

The plug of frequency band and product should be         consistent with the requirements of the site (marked in  the picture on the right, click to enlarge)