---Packing requirement for FBJ--

  1. High-value products such as mobile phones and watches, must to use non-  transparent packaging,  Use separate packaging bags for each SKU
  2.  For general goods,each SKU need to be packed separately but non-   transparent are not mandatory 
  3. The same SKU should be packed in one box, while different skus need to be classified by  bags in a box. 
  4. SKUs should be clear and the package as compact as          possible.
  5. Packaging Bags should come with bar code (Shop name&    Jumia SKU) 


Please place the packing list corresponding to CO in the carton numbered "1";
FBJ Carton label must be affixed on the outside of each Carton .If not, the products will be refused to be put in the        overseas warehouse.

Carton Number (in total)
SKU Number (inside box)
SKU Number......