---Packing Requirement(For FBJ)--

Packing Requirement:
1. High-value products such as mobile phones and watches, must to use non-transparent 
    packaging,  Use separate packaging bags for each SKU
2. For general goods,each SKU need to be packed separately but non-transparent are not
3. The same SKU should be packed in one box, while different skus need to be classified by 
    bags in a box. Don Put all different SKUs into one box.
4.  Packaging Bags should come with bar code (Shop name&Jumia SKU)
5.  SKUs should be clear and the package as compact as possible.
6.  Make sure there is a label on the outside of the carton,or warehouse will refuse to receive
7.  Put relevant packing list into the same PO carton.
8.  Packing size Limit: 2W+2H+L<=300cm, and the length of the carton<=120cm
9.  Please make the over-weight label outside the carton if the carton is over than >=30kg
  10.  Please make the fragile label outside the carton if the product is fragiled

The difference packing between FBJ and Drop-shipping