a) Rules and requirements :
Sale Price limitation:5USD
The Parcel Gross weight : 2kg
Postal shipping cost is charged on parcel gross weight
Postal shipping seller leadtime is 6 business day for ‘order confirmed’ to ‘ shipped’ status in seller    center. if orders do not change status to ‘
shipped’ within the leadtime, orders will be cancelled by Jumia and Out of stock penalty will be               implemented

b) Features of Postal service :
Only Nigeria and Morocco are opened for postal service
Only non-track postal service is offered. customers and sellers are not able to track the status of the parcels.
the Postal service lead-time can be 30-60 business days 
Postal delivery successful rate is around 65-75%. 
Seller will directly settle payment with Jumia assigned Postal suppliers.
Economic service is selected by customers, seller cannot force the product SKU only offer Economic postal service to customers

a) Check the “Shipment Method” which is showing as “Economy Shipping” from pending orders.
b)Click " ready to ship"after you prepared your product and ready to send out to 
Postal consolidation center 
(or ready for supplier to pickup)
  • Once the order is confirmed as “Ready to ship”, the System could not apply additional tracking anymore. 
  • If seller want to split one order to multiple packages, always remember to apply for multiple trackings before clicking “ready to ship”.

c)Choose the correct shipment provider for all economy orders.

d)Print shipping label

  • Postal tracking format is ‘UHXXXXXXXXXKG’. Please see below sample of label for reference :

Here is the list of Prohibited Import Items, Click here to find the list of  prohibited items by country 
Liquid,ex: Essential oil, Lotion,Essence Serum, Alcohol
Pure battery,ex: Power bank
 battery power over 100WHPerfume / Hair spray/Hair Dey
Nail-polishDrugs & Medicines
Strong magnets 
Any magnetic field strength at 2.1 m from the surface of the object to be tested shall be lessthan 0.159 A/m (200 nT) 
Weapons ex: any knife, scissors, iron lotus, fingertip gyro, slingshot, any kind of gun etc.
Explosives goods, ex: lighter, Compressed Gas, gunpowder 
Flammable elements, ex: Candle, fireworks
Powder, ex: pancake,  eye shadow 
Limitation weapons toys&Sex toys(Whips.toy guns,handcuffs etc)Military Supplies ( Camouflage Products.etc)


     李孝阳     联系方式:0757-86772175

    Seller don't need to sign the contract and pay the fee to Clevy
   Jumia will help seller to open postal account