Seller can now participate in Jumia Promotion/Campaign through the Promotions Section.
It can be found at the top of Seller Center upon login

Seller can view open campaign by clicking on the All Promotions
From the screen capture we will find the detail of every promotion, 
including: Start time&End time&Criteria types  then click Apply to see more information about the promotion

   Click Apply to see more information about the promtion

                                    Click See full campaign information
                                                                                                                                                                      you can find more detail,like:Price Threshold

                                How to apply for the campaign?

                                Selection 1:
                                        Select your product name then add to Promotion

                                                   Selection 2:

                                        Massive upload your product to apply to promotion,
                                        Click Import-then click Eligible Products-Select Files (only fit for CSV)
                                        Ps: Seller can view the result from Import History



                                                   ALL SKU submission will be subject to Jumia approval
                                             Seller can view tha SKU status by clicking the Submitted Products