---How to be seller in Jumia--

1 、Prepare Document
Contact Information
Email address or Phone number or QQ
Company Information
Business License + Compay Payoneer Account
2 、Registration Process
Fill in the registration form
Log in Jumia website:
Click here
Ps: After successful account opening you will receive an email after successful account opening , 
     Follow the email content to the next step.
Study Operation
Join in Psc QQ group,Note: Seller ID 
Click Jumia University to know the rule and operation of Jumia
Apply for activation
Create at least 5 SKUs and bond with your Payoneer account
Screenshot P card binding success page reply email to customer service email, 
Subject note "apply for activation + store name"
Note:After the account is activated you will receive the email ,follow the email content to the next step
Contract Template
 Click here
Contract Click here
Change Password
Note:Refer to the above steps and Jumia University for details.