Understand  My  Seller  Score

1. What is the Seller Score?

  • As Jumia is a marketplace, customers have to choose between many vendors, and they need trust, safety and relevant information. Then, the Seller Score informs your customers about the quality of your shop.
  • The objective of Seller Score is two-fold:
    Enable customers to choose the most reliable sellers.
    Grow your business by attracting more customers and by building a strong brand image.

2. Where can you see your Seller Score?

  • You can see your Seller Score on your Seller Center Homepage. Your score is very important for your customers since they look at it before buying your products. Reach a score of 5 to be among the best Jumia vendors.
  • Cancellation rate is the reliability of your shop. It is the percentage of orders you have cancelled over the last 4 weeks.
  • Quality score is the percentage of orders that have not been rejected or returned by customers because of quality issues.

3. What is its impact for your customers?

  • Your score as a vendor is visible on the page of each of your product. Products from top rated vendors have a conversion rate from 5 to 10 times higher than other vendors.

4. How can you improve your Seller Score?

  • Improve your Cancellation rate by updating your stock every day so that you will not have to cancel orders any more and ship your orders within 48 hours.
  • Improve your Quality score by ensuring to stock only original, authentic, high quality products and brands.

Traffic as a Currency

With Traffic as a currency your Seller Score has just been reviewed and simplified today to accurately reflect your operational performances in order to become the cornerstone of your shop, benefits and potential contributions.

See table below for a summary of the changes.

How does Traffic as a Currency work?

To grow your business you need more traffic to your store. The higher your seller score, the more traffic you will receive on your store. The lower your seller score, the less traffic you will receive. If your seller score is below 3, you will incur charges, named “Contribution for low seller score”. This means:

  • If your Seller score is 5, all products on your store WILL be boosted, with NO “contribution for Low seller score” charges. You can attain a seller score of 5 by meeting all 3 following criteria: (1) 0% cancellation & return rates AND (2) at least 90 days on Jumia AND (3) > 60 orders delivered to customers since inception.

  • If your seller score is between 3 and 5, you will not receive any “contribution for low seller score” charges.

  • If your Seller score is < 3, you will receive less traffic and you will be charged a “contribution for low seller score” which is calculated as a percentage of your commission.

See table below for a sample calculation based on your seller score :

This Contribution for Low Seller Score” is displayed in your Seller Centre Account Statement under the “Fees” category as shown below

Also take note of the following

The seller score calculation is done every week based on the last 4 weeks of business.

All new sellers start on Jumia with a seller score of 3 until they turn 30 days old on Jumia AND they fulfill at least 5 orders. Their seller score will then rise or fall depending on their operational performance based on the rules described here above.

You can optimize your new Seller Score by using the following tips:

Make sure your cancellation rate is as low as possible by frequently updating your inventory in Seller Center and by fulfilling all your orders in a timely manner. Please note customer cancellations are of course not impacting your cancellation rate.

Make sure your quality return rate is as low as possible by ensuring:

i) You don’t ship products with inherent defects that will frustrate your customers.

ii) You have detailed product pages which set the right expectations from the customers.

iii) You pay attention to your product ratings and customer reviews to enhance the quality of what you sell.