What is Sponsored Products

To grow your sales, you need to increase your visibility, this means increase the number of customers that see your products on Jumia. 

Sponsored products will help you boost your products visibility and if your products have best prices and top content, you will increase your sales.


Step 1  Go to your seller center account.

Step 2  Click on “Boost your Visibility” at the top of the page

Step 3 Click on the link to access the sponsored products portal

Step 4  Select a preferred plan

These prices are exclusive of VAT. A VAT rate of 7.5% applies on plan purchases

Step 5  Manage the products you will like to sponsor

Step 6   Monitor your performance from the dashboard

Benefits of using Sponsored Products

Pay Per Click

Pay only when a customer clicks your products

One-time payment

Cost of package will be debited from Seller Center weekly

Returns on Investment

Helps you control your returns on investment.

How to switch to automatic payment