Traffic As a Currency

What's Meaning of TAAC,and what's the benefits for sellers?

Don't Worry,We will explain it by the following words.

What's the TAAC?
The purpose for TAAC?
What will influence store performance?
How does cancellation rate affect store performance?
How does return rate affect store performance
What's the difference after TAAC launched?
What's the additional commission?
How could I know I was charged for the additional commission?
How to view the historical the performance score?
Why my shop was in DOL or de-listed?

          What's the TAAC?
       TAAC is the abbreviation of the Traffic as a Currency.
       If your store wants to gain more traffic,then it must to be a good performance.
       Similarly, your store will be reduced traffic for bad performance.
       What is the roll-out road map?:
16 March
14 May
18 May
25 May
1 June
22 June
29 June
6 July

    What's purpose of the TAAC?
We will allow the best vendors to get more visibility and sell more on Jumia. 
To do so we have reviewed & simplified the Seller Score so it reflects more
accurately your operational performances in order to become the cornerstone 
of your shop and benefits. 
Also, we will no longer apply DOL & PSOL to your shop 
(Only for High OOS rate and High return rate)
and will only charge financial penalties for very serious compliance & legal issues
(e.g. counterfeits, fakes & prohibited products).

  What will influence store performance? 

          From the comparison chart,we can see now is focusing exclusively on your Cancellation Rate& your Return Rate for  quality reasons. 
        This new calculation will reflect on your Seller Center account after TAAC launched.
The improvements on Seller Score:
1.Only vendor cancellations or auto-cancellations are now impacting your cancellation rate.
2.All returns identified by our aftersales team as damaged by Jumia or customer are no      longer impacting your quality return rate(regardless of customer return reasons).
3.New shop will remain with a score of 3 until they reach at least 30 days on Jumia AND 5 orders delivered to customers. This is to protect new seller whose score were highly impact by few orders cancelled or return for a quality issue in their 1st month. 
4.Only seller with 0% cancellation & 0% return rates  AND at least 90 days on Jumia AND    60 orders delivered to customers since inception  will reach a score of 5,other sellers with 0% cancellation&0% return rates will have a score of 4.9, This is to ensure the products of sellers with enough history on Jumia are the ones boosted online.

How does Cancellation rate affect store performance?  

    Cancellation rate: only applicable to seller reason for cancellation of orders.
     After TAAC launched, DOL and PSOL will not apply to the store ,
     unless the cancellation rate reached 10% and at least 10 items cancelled ,
     then the store will enter DOL=1(1 daily 1 order limit ).


              Following the recap of all the changes


No penalty
Out of Stock
No penalty
$200 (Same as Before)
Prohibited product
$500(Same as Before)
Smart QC

Order limitations

New Vendor
(<30 days and
<5 orders)
If test passed 

If test passed 

High Out of Stock
(OOS) Rate

Systematic DOL
If OOS>2.5%

DOL only if OOS>10%
Cancelled items>10 pcs
Products/shops with    quality issues
Systematic delisting

      Delisting only for       exceptional cases

Seller Score metrics

Cancellation rate
Return rate for quality reason
      Based on Jumia           aftersales reason
Contribution for low Seller Score
Vendors with Seller Score≥3
2.5≤Vendor with Seller Score<3
20% x Weekly commission amount
2≤Vendor with Seller Score<2.5
No30%x Weekly commission amount
1.5≤Vendor with Seller Score<2
No50% x Weekly commission amount
Vendor with Seller Score<1.5
No75% x Weekly commission amount

  What's the the contribution for low seller score?
          If Seller Score≥3,No impact
          If Seller Score<3,Malus as follows:
Contribution for low Seller Score
Seller Score≥3 No impact
2.5≤Seller Score<3
20% Weekly Commission amount
2≤Seller Score<2.5
30% Weekly Commission amount
1.5≤Seller Score<2
50% Weekly Commission amount
Seller Score<1.5
75% Weekly Commission amount

         Click the account statement,choose 
                                                                  ← contribution for low seller score
            Download the data,you will see the details of this billing.

             we can count the commission for week 26, view the seller score,
            You will get the result which is same with statement.

   Click:Coach-Shop performance-Weekly-choose week number
   (if want to know week26 score,choose Week27)

   1,OOS  rate or Return rate exceed limits.

   2,Delisted: seller will be delisted for 2nd attempt basing on the following situations:
QC Fail Spot Counterfeit
QC Spot Counterfeit
Return Spot Counterfeit