---Smart QC---

What will we check?
Our agent will open your package - making sure your product and shipping label remain intact - and check if your product's packaging and   characteristics match exactly the product description and image(s) displayed on Jumia.

Where will QC happen?
At Jumia Service Warehouses: currently Seko Warehouses in SZ/GZ/HZ/NB/YW/XM/HK.

what will happen if your products fail smart QC?
  1. You will received a email from Jumia with the detail of   QC failure(Date、Tracking number、Failure reason、Order number、etc).
  2. You will then be requested to send a qualified item to Seko warehouses as soon as possible to avoid order cancellation due to OOS.
  3. You will be able contact Seko service to arrange item pick-up service.
  4. In case one or several of your product breach our quality guidelines, you will be charge a penalty depending on the Smart QC failure               reason(s)  stated in  our email .For details please refer to Penalty on Jumia University.

About QC failed penalty
  1. We will start applying a QC failed penalty on Nov 1,2019.
  2. QC failed penalty will be displayed as a "Customer compensation for bad quality"fee in your Seller Center account statement and will be     charged (if relevant ) every Friday
  3. We will observe a "white period" of 1 month (from 1st Nov to 30th Nov) during which we will reverse any penalties charged due to QC         failure: from 1st Dec on we will apply QC failed penalties with no reversal.
  4.  Any product which will successfully pass QC but will later on be returned by the customer will be exempted from return penalty.

Tips to avoid failing QC
  1. Make sure you only ship items 100% true(model/color/size/specifications) to their description on Jumia
  2. Make sure the manufacture's packing is untempered and the seal is not broken.
  3. Make sure there are no stains,sewing defects,missing buttons,malfunctioning zippers and that all fashion items have a size tag
  4. Make sure your items are carefully packed in compliance with our packing guidelines

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