What is OOS:
      OOS (Out Of Stock) is the situation where you have no stock to fulfill an order already placed by a customer. Once a customer orders one of your products on Jumia, you have  5 working days to drop the  package to your  shipment provider and update the status of the item on Seller Center.Otherwise, your order will be cancelled as Out of Stock.              

OOS is connected with DOL&PSOL
                   If OOS(Out of Stock)>1.5%  The shop will be limited 
                   If OOS>9% The Shop will be offlined


Penalty of order cancellation  due to out of stock

Minimum Penalty:
2x Commission (at
least $2 /PCS)
Maximum Penalty:
$ 5/PCS
Minimum Penalty:2x Commission
Maximum Penalty:$5/PCS
Minimum Penalty:2x Commission
(at least :$1/PCS
Maximum Penalty:$5/PCS
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