---Jumia Pricing formula ---

CI、KE、EG、 GH、MA、UG 、SN、ZA:Electronic:5%,Non-electronic :10% ,there is no minimum
commission for these country.
 NG:Electronic:5%,Non-electronic :10%, Please noted that the minimum commission is
 $1, if your commission is less than $1,Jumia will charge for $1.

Electronic:5% (Based on online price,including)
Phones & Tablets categories/Computing categories/Computing categories/Tvs & Electronics
(Based on online price, Including but not limited to the following categories):
FASHION/Home&Office/Watches&Sunglasses/Baby,Kids&Toys/Groceries /Health & Beauty/
Weddings/Automobile/Sports & Fitness /Books, Movies and Music/Temptations /
Travel Bags & Luggage



Notice: Jumia will inform you one week in advance if the exchange rate is changed

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